Basics of Responsive Web Design

To create a responsive web site, we must always recognize the below three main components

1. Fluid Grid - it is a versatile dimension path. we must always stop victimization pixel-based sizes; instead we have a tendency to use the em or share within the sheet. This feature facilitate USA to form planning for multiple screens easier. Here the column widths ar proportional instead of fastened. Fluid website style may be additional easy, as a result of it adjusts to the user's came upon.

For example: width: 1126px; are width: 98%;

2. versatile pictures - The usage of fluid pictures causes the adjustment of the scale to the parent block. the pictures can scale out in line with the screen resolution/size. If the parent block is smaller than the scale of image then the image is reduced proportionately.

The most common relative resolution is to line the max-width of the image at 100 percent. The max-width vogue implies that a picture will not exceed the dimension of its instrumentality. rather than specifying a dimension and height on the image tag, its best simply to feature the image tag while not that data and suppose the Georgia home boy dimension.

3. Media Queries(@media) - Media queries enable the page to use totally different CSS vogue rules supported characteristics of the device the location is being displayed on, most typically the dimension of the browser.

Media queries ar accustomed write css for specific things, that permits you to use designs supported the data concerning device resolution. It may be set to sight such options as dimension, height, screen orientation, aspect-ratio and determination. And conjointly accustomed modification the layout sizes and rules supported numerous devices. we've got to specify some break points within the CSS.