Top five web site improvement ways to follow in 2019

1. Mobile Search 
To be honest, mobile searches are one amongst the foremost used SEO trends within the previous few years.
A Statistic report says “mobile phones generated quite fifty two of world on-line traffic in 2018. Four years earlier it had been simply twenty seventh.”
The data itself advocating the very fact, mobiles are going to be accessed endlessly in 2019 and even subsequently.
This was the explanation that inspired Google to grade mobile user expertise over the desktop. A Google update in March 2018 created North American nation understand that “Mobile initial assortment means Googlebot can currently use the mobile version of your website for assortment and ranking, to higher facilitate our (primarily mobile) users notice what they’re trying for”.
As such, if your web site isn't able to perform on mobile, cotton on done currently and if it’s already responsive, guarantee to enhance it.
Make sure you’re existing, further as targeted audiences; get a higher expertise within the next year.

2. Quality Content
Like forever content would be the part of the foremost essential web site improvement strategy ever.
One could discover new looking out patterns, linking concepts, and lots of additional, however while not the involvement of content, they’re not reaching to succeed.
Quality content has forever been appreciated by search engines, whether or not it’s Google, Bing or the other.
So, what ar the expectations from quality content in returning years?
It is expected that by 2020, forty four zettabytes of knowledge are going to be created daily i.e. equal to 8.48 trillion songs or one, 440 years of HD video daily.
Now, you'll be able to perceive why manufacturing quality content would become additional vital.
Quality content would break the muddle and take you at the highest within the race.

3. AI
Artificial Intelligence, a hot technology trend these days has additionally been admired by digital lads.

Marketers are eyeing for one thing good and quick acting algorithmic program in 2019 to revive the web site improvement works.
Artificial intelligence is best suited to on top of expectation because it matches user’s expectations, brand’s needed angle towards user’s on-line behavior and most vital advancement in computer program technique.
A nice example of AI supported Google algorithmic program is Rank Brain given in late 2015, that is currently the third most imperative ranking signal.
Although it’s not a race murder once it involves AI and SEO, though it’s smart for selecting the most effective page for a given search by 10 proportion points.
AI can offer a solid base to the scopes of computer program improvement in 2019 and returning years.

4. Voice Search
Voice search, a contemporary selling resource is maybe doing plenty of wonders for advertisers.
Alpine.AI says in January 2018, “there were approx one billion voice searches” and as per Technavio, “the voice recognition market is going to be $601 million by 2019”. There’s enough information that shows that voice searches can keep booming 2019, 2020 so on.
If you go searching voice search devices, there are several like Cortana, Bixby, Alice, Siri, and Alexa, wherever the last one is that the preferred.
These devices have created the search work simple, however there's plenty to be explored because the method has solely started.

5. Video Content
According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index “online video can create eighty two of all shopper on-line traffic in returning years.”
Hence it will simply be expected that the recognition of video can continue to grow and that they are going to be vital for computer program improvement techniques.
The additional appealing video you’ll create, the additional are going to be the engagement i.e. additional traffic. This traffic can assist you get higher web site ranking on Google.

In 2019, these above-mentioned SEO trends will rule and improve the quality of SEO.